Trinanti Silver Wall Clock


The stunning Trinanti silver wall clock is a contemporary and minimalist silver wall clock. The perfect modern clock for silver lovers.

Dimensions: H105cm X W105cm X D11cm
Materials: Iron
Colour: Silver
Care: Wipe with a soft cloth and do not use abrasive cleaners


The beautiful Trinanti silver wall clock has slim and sleek aesthetic making it suitable for coordinating with luxurious interiors. The outer frame of the clock has a double layered deign with intersecting horizontal and vertical rods that move through the inner circle. It has black hands that complement and contrast the silver colour.

Silver accents bring a completely timeless look to interiors. This wonderful silver wall clock would look amazing balanced with some cushions with other silver accents in the room. And it is really unique looking so it would also work well as a focal point in a room. And we love the Trinanti silver wall clock and hope you do also. This clock is a large clock. We think it would look wonderful in both contemporary and classic interiors. Also in commercial settings. Perfect for those who love silver metallic materials. We have loads of lovely accessories to complement it.

This lovely clock is made from iron. We have lots of other beautiful wall clocks available for if you are looking for more to complement these ones.

This is such a beautiful clock. However, if you are looking for more clocks, we have loads available to choose from on our website.

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