Tiverley Black Wall Clock


The lovely Tiverton black wall clock is a modern skeleton clock, perfect for the contemporary home and an industrial look.

Dimensions: H80cm X W80cm X D4.5cm
Materials: Iron
Colour: Black
Care: Wipe with a soft cloth and do not use abrasive cleaners


The lovely Tiverley black wall clock is a modern skeleton clock, perfect for the contemporary home. It is made up of two separate parts; a stunning external frame, and central clock mechanism with the hands. The Tiverley wall clock is slim and sleek in design, making it suitable for coordinating with modern luxurious and industrial style interiors.

A black accent clock would work perfectly in any interior, as black complements most other colours. Equally, it would look amazing in a monochrome interior. This wonderful black wall clock would look amazing balanced with some cushions with other matching accents in the room.

And it is really simplistic in design, so it would also work well as a focal point in a minimalist room. We think it would look wonderful in both contemporary and classic interiors. Also in commercial settings. Additionally, it is perfect for those who love an industrial look. We have loads of lovely accessories to complement it.

This lovely clock is made from iron. We have lots of other beautiful wall clocks available for if you are looking for more to complement these ones.

This is such a beautiful clock. However, if you are looking for more clocks, we have loads available to choose from on our website.

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