Silk Peony Faux Flowers Bouquet Pink

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Who does not smile when they see some pretty flowers. Keep that smile on your face all year round with these beautiful high quality faux bouquets.


Silk Peony Faux Flowers Bouquet Pink

This bouquet is gorgeous, add more and more for a fuller effect, but they do look pretty as single bouquets.

The first image in the jar shows THREE bouquets (one order is for one bouquet).

Super pretty, high quality faux flowers in a classic, rustic style. Every interior design decor needs some faux flowers and these make the perfect accent to any room or location.

Put yourself into a good mood everyday by buying some faux flowers.

Perfect faux flowers features:

  • Easy to clean, easy to match other colours.
  • Gorgeous flower colour, chic shape.
  • Can be used for a long time, always in bloom.
  • Makes a great present for that friend who is allergic to pollen.

Ideal for weddings, festivals, parties, home decorations, gardens, shops, offices, floral tributes and many more.


  1. Material: silk cloth and plastic
  2. Stem Colour: Green
  3. Size: overall height 32cm (1 ball chrysanthemum + 2 peony + 2 big hydrangea + 4 small hydrangea)


If the flower is deformed, it can be steamed with water or placed in the sun or reshaped by hand.

Package included:
1 Bunch artificial flowers (vase is not included)

Note: Item may be flattened during delivery, adjustments may be required upon unpacking.