Phalla Square Wall Mirror


The stunning luxurious Sunray Sunburst wall mirror’s unique design is inspired by the art deco style.

Dimensions: H81cm X W81cm X D81cm
Materials: Iron and Mirrored Glass
Colour: Gold
Care: Wipe with a soft cloth and do not use abrasive cleaners


Style up your home with this beautiful Phalla square wall mirror. The central glass pane of the sunray sunburst wall mirror is square in shape and features a glamorous metallic frame. Created from cylindrical strips of golden iron arranged in a stunning stepped design, the frame is inspired by the art deco style. This lovely mirror has a rich gold finish, the frame gives the mirror that extra touch of luxury. Also it is a good size for a feature mirror.

Gold accents are really trendy in interior design at the moment, as hardware, furniture and soft furnishings. This wonderful gold wall mirror would look amazing balanced with some cushions with other gold accents in the room. And it is really unique looking so it would also work well as a focal point above a console table or a fireplace. With its luxurious Sunray Sunburst design, this unique wall mirror is truly stunning.

This lovely mirror is made from golden iron and mirrored glass. We have lots of other beautiful mirrors available for if you are looking for more to complement these ones.

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