Large Flying Dandelion Flower Butterfly Wall Stickers

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Sometimes you just need to have some fun with your home decor. Get your family involved and add this fun mural into your home.


Large Flying Dandelion Flower Butterfly Wall Stickers

Add some real romance and timeless style to your home with this beautiful design of wall stickers. Easy and fun to apply by yourself or with friends and family and children. Have fun transforming an uninteresting space into something truly special.

Beautiful design wall sticker set large dandelion with seeds and butterflies.

Dandelion 1 : 80cm (height) x 31cm (width)
Dandelion 2 : 60cm x 21.5cm
Dandelion 3 : 40cm x 15.5cm

Seeds = 18 pcs
(approx 9cm x 6cm)

The stickers come as separate pieces. The end look and feel can be altered to your taste and creativity enabling you to fit the mural into almost any space.

Package includes:
Sticker sheet x 1: 50cm x 70cm

These wall stickers are cut from high quality transparent vinyl. Stickers are fully removable and can be re-positioned, however the stickiness will reduced each time you reuse them. Easy to apply and remove without residues, they are suitable for interior use on clean and dry walls and all smooth surfaces.

If your wall surface is freshly painted, you MUST allow at least 4 weeks drying time for the paint to be completely hardened.

  1. If you received the wall stickers in postal tube, lay stickers flat for a few days before use.
  2. Select the area where you want to apply the stickers then clean the surface with a dry cloth to ensure it is free of dust and oil.
  3. Position the stickers in the desired location, touching the sticky side as little as possible.
  4. Rub firmly with a credit card to eliminate all air bubbles until fully adhered.
  5. Repeat the process 2-3 times after 1 hour.


Whilst all removable stickers adhere well on majority surfaces. Silk or gloss oil painted surface may require additional glue.