Beautiful Betta Fish Gold Giant Decorative Ornament

£475.00 £398.00

A flamboyant decorative figure: the crown tail Betta fish in gold colours will embellish your bookshelf or sideboard. No matter from which perspective you look at the sculpture, you will always find exciting new details. The majestic fighting fish floats through the water – sorry – the living room. Thanks to its special shape, the decorative object also looks good in the middle of a large dining table. Glamorous gold and a touch of exoticism are a good mixture if you want to give the room a special touch. Smaller sizes and other colours also available. 57.3 x 63.4 x 33.7 centimetres (H/W/D) – 8KG.


Decorative object in the form of a Siamese fighting fish.

  •  Specifications: Poly-resin
  •  Dimensions: 57.3 x 63.4 x 33.7 centimetres (H/W/D) – 8KG.
  •  Care Instructions: Clean with soft cloth
  •  Colour: GOLD