Artificial Silk Rose Garland 7 Feet Red


I have a few of these beautiful rose garlands scattered around my home. Even when we have a quick bbq, I love to decorate the outside parasol. Whatever I do, everyone always comments.

A quick and easy way to get that lovely country look.


Artificial Silk Rose Garland Red

Incredibly beautiful artificial rose garlands in many colours. Perfect to finish off any event or for enhanced decoration in your home. Flowers just make us smile, so add some colour to your life.


  • These everlasting blooms are also perfect for party, wedding and church decorations as they could be wrapped around chairs, tables, arches, pew ends and so on in order to create a romantic setting. This pale pink flower garland will look great whatever time of the year, although care should be taken when used outside as this garland is not water resistant.
  • Material: Plastic
  • Colour: Red as the picture
  • Size: 7ft =220cm



This is a Fake Rose Flower Vine, which is constructed of plastic and fabric material. Unlike the real plants, this Vine will never die off, so that it can be a nice decoration for a long time. Hanging this Artificial Vine, it will be a beautiful decoration for your room or office.

How to maintain it?

Please don’t put artificial plants exposure under the sun for a long time, or they will lose their bright colours and became increasingly bleak.

Please don’t put these artificial plants in water, especially hot water, or flowers will fade.

If there is sticky dust, we suggest customer to use soft brush dipped in water and gently sweep the petals and leaves. Also you can use light concentration of salt water and soak for 2 hours, then gently shake again in clean water, then hang to dry in ventilated place. Keep away from the sun and dust removal to ensure the colour remains gorgeous.

Artificial plants are flammable, please keep them away from candles, incense and anything alight.

The artificial flower’s stem length can be adjusted according to your application, by bending or pruning directly.
When shipped, each bouquet are packed closely in order to reduce space. Customers can adjust the branches to the most natural state after removed from packaging.

Package included: