Arina Mirror Wall Clock


The Arina Mirror Wall Clock will create a stylish feature in any room with its eye-catching stunning mirrored panels.

Dimensions: H90cm X W100cm X D2cm
Materials: Wood and Mirrored Glass
Colour: Silver
Care: Wipe with a soft cloth and do not use abrasive cleaners


The Arina mirror mirror wall clock is very stylish and is reminiscent of the art deco style, adding unique luxurious, yet simplistic aesthetic to any interior. It is a very unique and unusual clock. And it has a lovely mirrored surface that consists of a series of mirrored panels. Therefore, this creates an incredibly eye-catching clock that draws attention from all angles.

The Arina wall clock has the perfect minimalistic finish. It is a very different wall clock and could work well in a modern or classic interior. Also, it reminds us of a modern interpretation of the art deco style.

And it is really detailed and elegant in design, so it would also work well as a feature in a any room. Additionally, it is perfect for those who love mirrored surfaces and an luxurious look. We have loads of lovely accessories to complement it.

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